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K7-49 is an asteroid that housed a Covenant shipyard complex. It is located only seventeen light years from the space border of the UNSC, which is less than two weeks travel via slipspace.[1]

History Edit

K7-49 was found when the UNSC Razor's Edge attached a Telemetry Probe to a Covenant ship in the midst of the Battle of New Harmony.

Operation: PROMETHEUS Edit

Main article: Operation: PROMETHEUS

On July 27, 2537, a major operation was conducted against the forces stationed at K7-49. SPARTAN-III Alpha Company managed to disable enough of the reactors on K7-49 to allow for sufficient cooling and permanently shut down the Covenant's construction operation. Unfortunately all 300 of the Spartans were killed in the process. K7-49 was then abandoned by the Covenant.

Infrastructure Edit

It had a system of artificial volcanic activity created by several high-output plasma reactors. These plasma reactors were used to refine metal used in the construction of Covenant warships. A network of gravity beams then transported refined alloy to the surface to be welded into Covenant battleships.


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