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Jubub was an Unggoy Minor during the Human-Covenant war.


Battle of Line Installation 1-4Edit

Main article: Battle of Line Installation 1-4

In 2552, he was a part of the crew of the Assault Carrier Clarity of Faith. The ship crash-landed on an unknown moon while on a routine mission to renzedvous with a supply convoy. After being snatched from the turret of a Wraith by a Forerunner machine, he was placed in a cell within Line Installation 1-4 along with Black-One, Reff 'Talamee, and a single Lekgolo colony. The Forerunner Artificial intelligence construct, 686 Ebullient Prism, dissected Jubub along with the Lekgolo colony in hope of finding a resistance to the Flood.[1][2][3]



  1. See Battle of Line Installation 1-4#Notes


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