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Josh Smith was an ONI agent. In 2535, he was assigned to the colony world of Charybdis IX, where he and Corinthia Hansen worked to end Jason Kincaide's riots and confiscate his Covenant weapons. He seemed to specialize in surveillance equipment, as he worked with buttonhole cameras, other cameras, and other tools of observation.[1] Their base was in the Scyllion Warehouse District. He escaped with Jacob Keyes and the others after the operation turned nasty. During their escape, Smith was burned to death when an Insurrectionist RPG struck near him, and he was hit by several pieces of flaming debris, which set him on fire. Keyes tried to get Smith to roll out the fire, but the ONI operative was burnt to death before Keyes could help.[2]


Smith seems to have been named for a friend of the author of Halo: The Cole Protocol: in the Acknowledgments section of the book, the author thanks his friend Josh Smith for getting him to buy an Xbox 360.


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