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Jora 'Konaree was a Sangheili with the rank of Zealot.[1] He was part of a group of troops that boarded the UNSC Do You Feel Lucky?. He was also a very aggressive warrior, even for an Elite.

When Kig-Yar attacked the Retribution's Thunder, he threw himself at the attacking Kig-Yar unarmed and got wounded which left his leg crippled. He was captured by the Kig-Yar during the battle and was jailed with the bridge crew on the Rubble. Crippled from the fight, he decided that the most honorable thing for him to do was kill himself. Unable to do so, his friend, and commander, Thel 'Vadamee did so for him, as well as singing the Sangheili Death Benediction.[2]

He is most probably related to Jun 'Konaree.



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