Jim Stewartson is a senior employee at 4orty2wo Entertainment. He is John Technology Officer of the company.

Jim Stewartson is 42 Entertainment’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing technology innovations for client campaigns. As the technical leader of a number of companies over the past decade, Jim has been a pioneer in the development of network-based interactive applications and technologies.

Jim developed the first commercial 3D game delivered over the Internet in 1996. The Star Trek: Borg game was showcased on the Star Trek: First Contact website. In 1997-98 Jim built groundbreaking Internet games for the films The Fifth Element, Titanic, The Flood, Lost in Space, and Spawn, as well as for Xena: Warrior Princess. Additionally, Jim delivered the first commercial 3D infotainment content, the CNN InfoGlobe, and a stadium visualization application built for IBM and

In 1997 Jim co-founded Shout Interactive, Inc. where as CTO he co-designed and led the development of Shout3D, the first important technology for delivering rich media content to the Web without the need for a plug-in. This technology was a vehicle for Jim and his team to deliver high-profile multimedia-based entertainment and commerce content to millions of users on websites such as, and

In 2000, Jim negotiated Shout Interactive’s merger with Eyematic Interfaces, Inc. and became co-CTO of Eyematic, in charge of all Internet and wireless technologies, and President of Shout Interactive, LLC, a content and application subsidiary of Eyematic. At Eyematic, Jim’s team transformed Shout3D into a comprehensive platform for delivering visual communication applications and content to virtually every wireless hardware and software environment on the market, as well as to the web.

He contributed a great deal to the ilovebees minigame, working as CTO and technical director and designer for the minigame, which was a precursor to Halo 2. He was also one of the puzzle designers.