Jim Dandy's Roadside Diner is a human business enterprise, a franchise of restaurants that began before 2524. Jim Dandy restaurants contained food counters and booths where food is served to customers. Jim Dandy serves breakfast, coffee, and other foods and refreshments to its customers.[1]


A Jim Dandy restaurant in the city of Casbah, Tribute in the Epsilon Eridani System was destroyed during a disastrous hostage situation during Operation: TREBUCHET in 2524. Two squads of UNSC Marines, led by Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne were neutralizing Insurrectionist bomb-making facilities when the UNSC Bum Rush detected a truck full of Insurrectionist bombs with its ARGUS equipment. The teams flew to the restaurant on AV-14 Hornet VTOLs, and Johnson was successful in killing one confirmed Insurrectionist leader using an M99 Special Application Rifle fired from the Hornet, but when Byrne's team entered the restaurant, a female Insurrectionist was discovered. When they tried to apprehend her, she took a child hostage. In the chaos that followed, the bombs were detonated, killing the woman, three Marines, and 38 civilians.[2]

A Jim Dandy was also present in the city of New Haven, New Jerusalem in the Cygnus system in 2552.[3]


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