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Jeremy Patenaude, also known as Vociferous, is a Content Creator for the Halo Waypoint team at 343 Industries.[1] He is the author of most of Waypoint's fiction content and campaign gameplay videos.[2] Prior to being hired by 343 Industries, he was one of the writers for the Halo-themed blog Ascendant Justice along with Jacob "Cocopjojo" Benton.

He is one of the hosts of "Community OutREACH," which he would play Halo multiplayer and interview notable members of the Halo community, ranging from Halo.Bungie.Org article writer Stephen Loftus to Commander Tony of Halopedia.

Patenaude made a series called "Vintage Fisticuffs," which summarizes a few areas throughout the Halo campaign that gives the player different ways to approach it.

His latest series on the Waypoint called "A Different Way to Campaign," shows the viewer some fun events players can perform in campaign, such as stacking a group of vehicles on a Covenant Scarab.


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