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Jared Miller
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Requiem Campaign

“Well Crimson, I've never heard Commander Palmer compliment anyone before, so not a bad day at the office. See you back on Infinity.”
— Miller to Fireteam Crimson after their first operation.

Spartan Jared Miller[1] is a SPARTAN-IV stationed on the UNSC Infinity who serves as Fireteam Crimson's handler. Miller specializes in communications and guides fire team Crimson through their missions by highlighting objectives and warning Crimson of potential hazards.


  • Miller and Roland seem to have a small though humorous "rivalry."
  • Miller is the only person who appears in every Spartan Ops mission.
  • Despite being a central character in Spartan Ops, Miller never appears in a cinematic episode.
  • Miller apparently carries a magnum with him at all times, as evidenced during his dialogue with Roland at several points during the attack on Infinity.



  1. Halo: Initiation Issue 2 - page 11, "Spartans don't have ranks because Spartan is your rank"

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