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Jameson Locke is a SPARTAN-IV in the United Nations Space Command.[6]


Locke was born on March 15, 2529, on Jericho VII. When he was six years old, Jericho VII fell to the Covenant Empire and Locke was evacuated. His parents were killed during the assault.[1]

Locke eventually joined the UNSC and became an ONI Acquisitions Specialist, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander.[1]

On September 26, 2552, Locke compiled a target profile report regarding Thel 'Vadam's personal history during the war, including the Fall of Reach, the Battle of Installation 04, and the Great Schism.[7]

Sedra CrisisEdit

After the Human-Covenant war, Locke was part of a unit sent by the UNSC to investigate Covenant activity on Sedra.[8] During a covert operation, Locke and a team of ONI agents attempted to prevent a rogue Sangheili from detonating an unidentified weapon. Locke's efforts failed, which resulted in the deployment of a biological weapon that only affected humans.[9] Locke's investigation into the source of the biological weapon led ONI to a fragment of Installation 04. Working with Colonel Randall Aiken and a small team of Sedra militia members, Locke and his team landed on the fragment. The joint strike team captured two human smugglers,[10] but only Locke and Macer were able to escape the Halo fragment before Aiken detonated the nuclear device, destroying the fragment.[11]

Searching for John-117Edit

Some time after the Sedra crisis, Locke underwent SPARTAN-IV augmentations and used the Hunter GEN2 Armor variant. He led Fireteam Osiris to search for John-117. As a first step, Locke made contact with Thel 'Vadam in order to gain insight on John's history while carrying out a UNSC-Sanghelli joint operation.[12][13]


Locke is a competent soldier who approaches combat situations with caution and logic and inspires loyalty in those under his command. However, he is troubled by some aspects of the organization he serves under.[5]


  • In Halo 5: Guardians, Locke is one of 8 playable characters in the campaign.[14] His unique attributes are a faster thruster pack recharge, slower stabilizer descent and the ability to carry one extra frag grenade.
  • During the Halo: Nightfall casting process, Locke's codename was "Marlowe."[15]
  • Locke has burn scars on the right side of his neck.[16]
  • In the opening cutscene to Glassed, Locke reminds Buck that he "wasn't the only one here because of [John-117]" indicating that he may have fought alonside the legendary Spartan at some point.


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