Halo Wars Edit

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Alpha BaseEdit

  • "Captain's report, February 4th, 2531. Five years, five long years. That's how long it took us to get Harvest back..."
  • "At first it was going well..."
  • "Then setback after setback..."
  • "Loss after loss..."
  • "Made what was going to be a quick and decisive win..."
  • "Into five years of Hell..."
  • "Of course, that's all Harvest really is today..."
  • "It's Hell down there, but now it's ours again."
  • "Serina, status?"
  • "Prep for pod launches, bring weapon systems online."
  • "Harvest may be ours again, but I don't think the Covenant appreciate that yet."
  • "Sergeant Forge, report."
  • "Damn it, that complicates our mission. Anders, what have you got?"
  • "That's what were here to find out. We are to bring Alpha Base up to operational status and take control of that site."
  • "Sergeant Forge, pull back to Alpha Base, I'm sending you some backup."
  • (sighs) "It may be the key to this whole war Serina, it's worth the risk."
  • "We need to turn that around, Sergeant. Serina, what's our status?"
  • "Air support en-route Sergeant. They'll take out the armor, the rest is yours."
  • "Alpha Base is ours again. Sergeant Forge, you may want to scout the area."

Relic ApproachEdit

  • "What made you choose my observation deck as your lab, Professor?"
  • "Forge doesn't think it's safe for you to go down there yet. He's quite insistent."
  • "Any idea what it is we've got down there?"
  • "I'm approving the mission, but the slightest sign of danger and I'm pulling you out. Is that understood?"
  • "Serina, we need to re-establish Alpha Base before we can proceed with the mission."
  • "We need to establish a larger military presence on the ground."
  • "Our primary mission here is to reach that structure, destroying that base is a secondary objective."
  • "If the Covenant detonate those explosives our mission here is over! Get to the detonator!"
  • "Good work, prepare for new orders."

Relic Interior Edit

  • "Sergeant, Alpha Base won't be able to respond in time, we've got Grizzlies inbound from Spirit of Fire, hold on down there."
  • "Good work. Professor, I want to be briefed on your findings as soon as you're on board."

Arcadia City Edit

  • "So, all it did was point here?"
  • "Our orders are to investigate Harvest. We still don't know a lot about what's going on down there."
  • "Very well, Professor. I'll clear it with Admiral Cole. Serina, set course for Arcadia."
  • "Serina? Situation update, please."
  • "What kind of surface activity?"
  • "Serina, launch Pods. Bring the ship to alert."
  • "The transports are away, Sergeant Forge pull back and re-group, new orders are incoming."

Arcadia Outskirts Edit

  • "We can not lose our foothold on Arcadia, gentlemen. Secure a defensible position, and hold it until we can reinforce you!"
  • "Other UNSC units have been notified, and are retreating to your position."
  • "Excellent work!"
  • "Sergeant Forge, report to the bridge ASAP. We've got a new problem."

Dome of Light Edit

  • "'s an energy shield that they can deploy on the planet."
  • "Agreed, we need to find out what that is, can we use the ships cannons and take it out directly?"
  • "Professor, Sergeant Forge, let's get that shield down!"

Scarab Edit

  • "You've advanced to where the force field stood, take a look around."
  • "The Scarab's weapon system is relying on the power nodes in this area, destroy them to reduce the Scarab's combat effectiveness."
  • "The Scarab is destroyed. Victory is ours today."

Anders' Signal Edit

  • "Damn it! Sergeant, get up here on the double."
  • "Why aren't you in the med-bay, Sergeant?"
  • "Serina, get us underway immediately. Follow that signal."
  • "Where the hell are we, Serina?"
  • "Anders?"
  • "Any sign of other Covenant activity?"
  • "Get Forge down there."
  • "Roger that. Sergeant Forge, you will need to clear that fire line just ahead of your location and get to your beacon. We'll follow up at that time."
  • "Sergeant, logistics are preventing reinforcements. Train squads out of that Elephant."
  • "Sergeant, take a team out there and find out what's happening."
  • "Covenant? I'm not reading any Brute signatures."
  • "Sergeant, I'm approving your beacon for a firebase site. Serina, prep pods for launch."
  • "We need those units intact. Bring all Elephants back to base, Sergeant!"
  • "All Elephants are home. Hold for new orders."

The Flood Edit

  • "Hold your position, Red Team. Reinforcements will come to you."
  • "Sergeant Forge, rendezvous with Red Team and find Anders, but be careful: we don't know what these things are capable of."
  • "Serina, report. What's going on here?"

Shield World Edit

  • "Are you sure this is it, Serina?"
  • "Serina..."
  • "All hands, engage! Serina, I've got troops out there still! Get them back on board now!"
  • "Now, Serina!"
  • "Red Team?"
  • "We can't evac those trapped Marines until the air is clear. Let's be about it, people."
  • "Serina, see if you can buy us more time. Sergeant, break through that line for our Pelicans."
  • "Can we shut them down?"
  • "Good work, Serina. Final evac from surface from planet surface inbound, prep airlocks."

Cleansing Edit

  • "Serina, report! What's going on here?"
  • "Forge, get out there and get those things off my ship! You can requisition troops from the airlocks on the deck, if we lose those airlocks, we'll be defenseless."
  • "Two Vultures have just finished repairs, they're yours to command."
  • "Serina, maximum power to the engines. Get us out of here!"

Repairs Edit

  • "Hard starboard!"
  • "Battle stations! Bring weapons online. Tell Forge he's not done out there yet."
  • "Forge, use Cyclops to repair the Power Core, while you defend against Covenant attacks."
  • "The power core is fully repaired, Serina. Best speed away."

Beachhead Edit

  • "The Professor has filled me in, good work Sergeant. Stand by for mission briefing."

Reactor Edit

  • "Is this really going to work, Professor?"
  • "Enough to destroy all the ships here before the Covenant can get a chance to make anything of them."
  • "Deliver that package safely, Sergeant."
  • "I don't want to take anymore chances flying that core in, we're changing this to a ground operation."
  • "Sergeant, engineers are on their way to rig the core. We're nearly there."

Escape Edit

  • "Ground teams. Find a way to open that portal or we're all dead!"
  • "Roger that. We can't let them leave with those ships. Good luck, Sergeant."
  • "Sergeant Forge, all ground forces are evacuating back to the Spirit of Fire."
  • "Then let's not outstay our welcome. Best speed away."
  • "Let's see if we can't turn that to our advantage. Serina, plot a

course that takes us into the sun. We're going to slingshot around it."

  • "Serina, can you do it?"
  • "Professor, there's been no sign of the Covenant for almost two weeks. There's nothing to do."
  • "But nothing, Professor. You got us all out of there alive. Get some rest."