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Ivanoff Research Station (designation ONIRF IS-004920/001-54)[1] is a human-controlled monitoring and science station in orbit around Installation 03.

Little is known about this research station, it appears to be kept top-secret. Even ONI's top scientist didn't know about it, or ONI's intentions to research Forerunner Installations.[2]


After Installation 03 was discovered in 2552,[3] Ivanoff Station was established.[1]

In March 2553, Margaret Parangosky, director of ONI, interrogated Dr. Halsey in a cell on this station about the SPARTAN-II Program and informed her that all of humanity believes her to be dead, also noting that she would be working for Parangosky and her successor until they saw a reason for her to do otherwise.[citation needed]

Attack on StationEdit

Main article: Raid on Ivanoff Research Station

In 2557, the Ur-Didact along with a contingent of Covenant Remnant arrived at the station from the Forerunner Shield World of Requiem, in order to steal the Composer from the station and use it against Humanity. John-117 entered Ivanoff Station via a Lich he had boarded on Requiem prior to the ship's Slipspace travel. John-117's goal was to stop the Didact from getting the Composer by destroying it. However, John-117 failed to do so resulting in the Didact stealing and using the Composer to 'compose' everyone remaining on the station in order to create more Promethean Knights. However, John-117 was not composed because he was made immune to the composer's effects by The Librarian earlier on Requiem. John-117 and and Cortana obtained a Broadsword from the station's hangar bay and loaded it with a HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapon to pursue the Didact and destroy The Composer before he reached Earth.[4] A number of Ivanoff's scientists made it off the station and managed to survive in the asteroid field surrounding the station until the UNSC came to rescue them.[5]

It is not known whether it is back to operational status after the attack.


  • Installation 03's Activation Index is actually located on Ivanoff Station, and can be seen on the level Composer.
  • Ivanoff Station is the first known official UNSC construction that has an Energy Shield protecting its Hangar. Previously, this was only in use by the Covenant. It is mentioned in-game as an "Emergency Harbor Barricade."


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