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The Invincible Grunt is a glitch that can only be done on the level Sacred Icon in Halo 2.


To find it, play the level Sacred Icon on any difficulty. At the beginning, there is a red Grunt Major cowering next to the piston. To make the Grunt invincible, follow the steps below:

  • Arm it with a Plasma Rifle.
  • Open up the piston and push him off, down to the first level.
  • You can now melee it, and it will not flinch from attacks nor will show blood when fired at. You can throw grenades at it, but it will not die.


  • If you kill any Constructors, the glitch will not work.
  • This glitch can also be done by letting the Grunt activate the piston and then throwing a grenade at it. [citation needed]

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