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This article is about the replacement Halo ring featured in Halo Wars 2. For the original Installation 04 featured in Halo: CE, see Installation 04. For the first replacement ring that was featured in Halo 3, see Installation 04B.

“I've discovered [that] the Ark keeps an almost finished ring in its central forges at all times. It's an emergency replacement in case one of the other rings breaks down.”
— Professor Anders informing Captain Cutter and Isabel of the ring's existence.

Installation 04C, sometimes referred to as Anders' Halo, was a Halo ring, created by Installation 00 after the destruction of Installation 04B. The ring was intended as a potential replacement should any of the remaining Halo rings be damaged or destroyed. It was discovered by Professor Ellen Anders as she searched for a way to contact the UNSC during the Second Battle of Installation 00.


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