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The Insane logo.

Insane is a gametype for Halo: Reach that can be downloaded in the file browser. Insane includes variants like Halo Chess, HaloBall, Hockey, Speedpile, and others.

Halo ChessEdit

On a map with correct markers, Halo Chess is played by the player flying into the chess piece they want to use and going to a spot where it is allowed to move. The rules are the same as a regular chess game.


Main article: HaloBall

HaloBall is basically golf. The players can use regular HaloBall, which is a free-for-all, or Xtreme, which has teams. The objective is to get the golf ball, using Gravity Hammers or golf clubs, into the goal.


This section requires expansion.


Speedpile is similar to Capture the Flag, except with vehicles and that returning the flags scores points. This means that they will respawn in their place if they are captured. The first team to earn 50 points wins. Every flag, except the flag in the center of the map, is worth 1 point. The center flag is worth 3. Speedpile is usually played on Hemorrhage, a map variant of Forge World.

Insane DKEdit

Insane DK is where the player must make their way to the top of a slope while dodging many golf balls that roll down. Once at the top, the player takes a vehicle and rides down to a teleporter where the team will score a point.

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