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The Inner Colonies, sometimes referred to as the Core Worlds,[1] were the first worlds terraformed and colonized by the Unified Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command, relieving the overpopulation pressure on Earth that resulted in the Interplanetary War.


The Inner Colony Wars Edit

Main article: Inner Colony Wars

It is known that there was a war some time before the 26th century called the "Inner Colony Wars".[2] Very little is known about it and it might just be an alternate name of the Interplanetary Wars, though the name would be of a post-Outer Colonies age, and probably only referring to the Sol system colonies.

Continuing Development Edit

The Inner Colonies consisted of the 210 planets which were colonized before 2390. In 2490, Reach, which was located near the boundary of the Inner and Outer Colonies, became the UNSC's military center. As the UNSC began settling the Outer Colonies, the Inner Colonies, with their established social and economic infrastructures, became the political and economic basis of the UNSC, supplied with raw materials from the newer settlements.

The Human-Covenant war Edit

During the Human-Covenant war, numerous ships were pulled from their positions in the Outer Colonies to defend the Inner Colonies. Old ships, such as the Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn, were refitted and brought back into service to supplement the remaining defense forces. At the beginning of the Battle of Reach, dozens of Inner Colony planets were bypassed by the Covenant Fleet attacking Reach,[3] so it can be presumed that a number of those Colonies survived, considering the next Covenant attack was Earth.

Known Inner ColoniesEdit

Epsilon Eridani system

Sol system

  • Earth - Still held
  • Luna - Unknown status, most likely to have survived.
  • Mars - Unknown status, most likely to have survived.
  • Jovian Moons - Unknown status, most likely to have survived.
  • Pluto - Still held

Sigma Octanus system

Ectanus 45 system

Gannick system

Unknown system



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