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Ingridson was the captain of United Rebel Front forces on the world of Draco III in the years following the end of the Human-Covenant war.[1]


In 2554, after URF forces captured the capitol building in New Albany, ONI sent in Alpha-Nine to take out the leadership of the rebels. At first, the ODSTs gained considerable ground on the rebels. Despite strong defenses around the capitol building, Alpha-Nine managed to fight their way into the heart of the building, making it to the legislature floor that the rebels used as their headquarters.[2]

Ingridson's forces managed to successfully trap and pin Alpha-Nine, forcing the confrontation into a stalemate. One of the ODSTs, the Rookie, attempted to flank around behind the rebels who had Alpha-Nine trapped. Captain Ingridson captured the Rookie, however, and attempted to use him as a bargaining chip to force the rest of the ODSTs to surrender. Her attempt failed and she ended up killing the Rookie before being killed by Dutch.[3]


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