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Wikipedia There is more information available on this subject at Hydrogen Fluoride on the English Wikipedia.

3D Structure of Hydrogen Fluoride

Hydrogen Fluoride is a chemical compound with the formula HF. Together with Hydrofluoric acid, it is the principal industrial source of fluorine and hence the precursor to many important compounds including pharmaceuticals and polymers (e.g. Teflon). HF is widely used in the petrochemical industry and a component of many superacids. HF boils just below room temperature whereas the other hydrogen halides condense at much lower temperatures. Aqueous solutions of HF, called hydrofluoric acid, are strongly corrosive, but less so than some other halide acids due to its low disassociation ability. As Fluorine forms a hydrogen bond with Hydrogen (The only other elements to do this are Oxygen and Nitrogen), it is not very soluble/acidic, even though it has a high difference in electronegativity.

Covenant pulse laser turrets use the chemical reaction of Hydrogen and fluoride to provide their energy.[1]


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