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H2A Mission Outskirts
Hotel Zanzibar
Historical information


October, 2552




Battle of Mombasa

Facility information


Human-Covenant war

Hotel Zanzibar was a hotel operated by civilians in Old Mombasa on Earth. Only the first floor of the facility is ever observed, but it appears to be a run down facility. This, however, could be due to the battle raging around it at the time.

History Edit

In 2552, during the Battle of Earth, the Hotel Zanzibar was abandoned, along with the rest of the city. When the UNSC In Amber Clad dispatched Pelicans full of relief troops for the massive battle going on inside the city, one of those Pelicans was shot down by a Scarab near the hotel. The Marines who survived the crash set up a command post inside the hotel lobby. They were surrounded and almost overwhelmed by Covenant ground forces when John-117 arrived and aided the surviving Marines, eventually leading them into New Mombasa.[1][2]

On the Heroic and Legendary difficulties, the attack on the hotel is led by a Sangheili Ultra. On the Normal and Easy difficulties, he is replaced with a Sangheili Major.



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