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Halo 3Edit

Main article: Halo 3

Sierra 117 Edit

  • "Imminent, Sergeant. Find some cover. Gotta clear a path." - By COM, to Sergeant Johnson
  • "I see 'em! Standby. Going loud. Everyone down!" - To Sergeant Johnson, when a Covenant Loyalist Phantom appears
  • "Scratch one Phantom!" - After the first Phantom is destroyed.
  • "Scratch two!" - (Same as above, second one destroyed)
  • "Sierra-117 onboard. Request priority clearance. Over." - Near the end of the level

Crow's Nest Edit

The Ark Edit

  • "She's a little cooked, Sergeant Major. But she'll hold." - To Johnson in the beginning of the level The Ark.

The Covenant Edit

  • "Charlie Foxtrot! Tower One approach has active Triple-A!" - In the beginning of the level The Covenant.
  • "Commander, this is Kilo 23. Lost my wingman and our only Hog. Over." - To Miranda Keyes in the level The Covenant.
  • "I got a flock of birds that need an escort. Take a Hornet; get those Pelicans safely to the third tower."

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