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Hocus was a Pelican dropship pilot in the UNSC Navy during the Battle of Earth.


Hocus was the pilot of Pelican dropship Kilo 023. She assisted in extracting SPARTAN John-117 and Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, along with a squad of liberated Marines from the jungle near Mount Kilimanjaro. Following the Covenant attack on Crow's Nest, Hocus was instrumental in evacuating the rest of the survivors of the attack to the human frigate UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. She participated in numerous ground insertions during the Battle of Installation 00, such as deactivating the shield barriers surrounding the Ark's Control Room, the Citadel.


  • "Imminent, Sergeant. Find some cover. Gotta clear a path." - By COM, to Sergeant Johnson in the level Sierra 117.
  • "I see 'em! Standby. Going loud. Everyone down!" - To Sergeant Johnson, when a Covenant Loyalist Phantom appears, level Sierra 117.
  • "Scratch one Phantom!" - After the first Phantom is destroyed.
  • "Scratch two!" - (Same as above, second one destroyed)
  • "Sierra-117 onboard. Request priority clearance. Over." - Near the end of the level Sierra 117.
  • "What should I do, ma'am?" - To Commander Miranda Keyes in the level Crow's Nest.
  • "Ma'am, I've got movement. Above and below. Brutes. They got jump-packs." - To Miranda Keyes.
  • "She's a little cooked, Sergeant Major. But she'll hold." - To Johnson in the beginning of the level The Ark.
  • "Charlie Foxtrot! Tower One approach has active Triple-A!" - In the beginning of the level The Covenant.
  • "Commander, this is Kilo 23. Lost my wingman and our only Hog. Over." - To Miranda Keyes in the level The Covenant.
  • "I got a flock of birds that need an escort. Take a Hornet; get those Pelicans safely to the third tower."


  • Hocus has a similar role of Foehammer, the principal Pelican pilot in Halo: Combat Evolved. Her voice acting and personality are probably an indirect reference to the character by Bungie.
  • On the level Crow's Nest, you can see Hocus' face when she picks up the Marines after the Jump Pack Brutes are killed, by jumping on the front of the Pelican. However, she tends to have a completely different face from time to time, so it is unknown what she really looks like.
  • Hocus has the standard Marine pilot character model when seen flying her Pelican, which, strangely, is a male marine body.
  • Occasionally, with the IWHBYD skull activated, Sergeant Johnson will say "That was for Hocus," suggesting she may have been killed at some point.


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