High Explosive Ammunition is a type of ammunition used by the United Nations Space Command.

To make HE ammunition, an explosive compound is added or mixed in with the standard type of gunpowder. After the bullet has been fired from the weapons and has hit a target, the compounds inside the round will ignite, offering a potentially deeper impact wound and larger entrance and exit wounds.

HE ammunition is most often used in Anti-Vehicle weapons, where its explosive capabilities renders it particularly effective against alloy steel. The only hand held weapons that use High Explosive ammo are the M6D and M6G Pistols. Both use M225 Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosive.

Against the CovenantEdit

When used against the Covenant infantry, HE rounds are more effective than other ballistic ammo, provided the shooter aims at either the head or torso of the alien (neck/abdomen against Hunters). These rounds are extremely effective against Hunters and are semi-effective against Covenant energy shielding. Consequently, the UNSC employs these against Covenant ships in the form of MAC rounds.

Against FloodEdit

The HE ammo is extremely effective against all types of Flood, capable of tearing through the decomposing Combat Form, exploding the destructive Carrier Form, and easily killing groups of Infection Forms.