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This page is about the ODST soldier, for the UNSC Marine NCO, see Jim Higgins.

Higgins was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the UNSC Marine Corps. He was part of the 105th ODST Division, and participated in the Battle of Ariel in 2552 under the command of MSgt Frost.[1]


Battle of ArielEdit

After deployment to Ariel, he and Michaels found the body of Charles, the only remaining civilian at the colony. Frost then ordered that the ODSTs split into two-man recon teams. Higgins, along with Campbell, formed one of the teams, and together they scouted the colony's motor pool. They were then contacted by Sergeant Frost, who ordered them to recon the generator room of the complex. Before they left, both of them were killed by two Jackals wielding Energy Cutlasses.[1]



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