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FoR Stanforth
Hieronymus Michael Stanforth
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July 03, 2486[1]

Date of death

August 30, 2552[1]

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UNSC Leviathan

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Vice Admiral[1]

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Human-Covenant war

Notable facts

Hieronymus "Harold"[2] Michael Stanforth,[1] was a Vice Admiral[1] of the UNSC Navy. He was the first person that the then-Commander Jacob Keyes informed via SATCOM of the impending Covenant invasion at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV.


Stanforth Mem

Vice Admiral Stanforth's ONI memorial plaque

In 2517, Vice Admiral Stanforth was head of Section Three of UNSC Military Intelligence division. At that time he refused to allow Dr. Catherine Halsey to use the Han on her study for the SPARTAN-II candidates unless she had a military escort. Halsey chose then-Lieutenant (J.G.) Keyes for the assignment.

In 2525, Admiral Stanforth gave the SPARTAN-IIs their first ever briefing on the Covenant. Stanforth's briefing included diagrams of Grunts and Jackals, as well as information on the Battle of Harvest.

By 2552, Admiral Stanforth commanded FLEETCOM Sector Three, which included the Sigma Octanus system. He led UNSC forces during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV from the Marathon-class heavy cruiser UNSC Leviathan. It was Stanforth who promoted Commander Keyes to Captain. After the UNSC victory at Sigma Octanus, he apparently died in the Fall of Reach, early on in the battle.


  • Admiral Stanforth suffers from "space walk", due to his long terms in microgravity.
  • In 2517, Dr Halsey said Stanforth was a Vice Admiral,[3] but he was seen with the single star of a Rear Admiral on his lapel in 2525,[4] although it is possible he was demoted. However, if Stanforth had been an Admiral for more than thirty-five years, then his overall career must have been very long.
  • His service number was 00834-19223-HS, which did not seem to match his initials.[5] However, the memorial plaque inside the ONI Alpha site lists his name as Hieronymus Michael Stanforth, explaining the discrepancy.[1]
  • He enjoyed whiskey and Sweet William Cigars.
  • Vice Admiral Hieronymus Michael Stanforth should not be confused with Admiral Harold Stanforth, a UNSC officer during the Insurrection, despite the fact that the two are known to have the same service number, 00834-19223-HS, and both commanded ships called the Leviathan.[6]



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