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Hestia V is a gas giant lying in the Hestia system. It had at least seven natural satellites, including Meridian.

Like many others, this planet and the human colony on its moon Meridian, were discovered by the Covenant Empire in 2548 and subsequently attacked in what became known as the Battle of Meridian, during the Human-Covenant war. After a three-year conflict, the UNSC managed to repel the aggressors. However, later the very same year, the Covenant returned with a larger force which swiftly laid waste to most Meridian's defenses, though Captain Edmund Persie of the UNSC Sevenfold Gates and some remnants of the defense fleet fought on until ultimately being forced into retreat. Five hours after the Navy's retreat, Meridian had been glassed by the Covenant.[1]

During the latter engagement, all of Meridian's surviving colony support ships were moved to the other side of Hestia V where they would be out of the crossfire, including the Star Charter-class Meridian 5-Alpha. After the war ended, Liang Dortmund would call on these ships to begin reterraforming the planet.[2]


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