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Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Military Police helmet with recorder attachment equipped.

Helmet recorders are standard field issue equipment for many UNSC Marines in the field.

When in combat with any other enemy, moreover the Covenant, they are instructed to turn these recorders on to get as much information on the Covenant as possible, such as behavior and tactics. Because such data is scarce, the Helmet Recorder is an invaluable tactical resource to the ONI and the UNSC forces, who often retrieve this data and then debrief the wearer about the audio and video data they recorded. They store their information in the processed Recorder Chips.[1]


  • Apparently, Covenant Ossoonas are equipped with similar helmet-mounted recording units.[2]
  • John-117 was equipped with something similar to a helmet recorder during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Instead it was a fiber-optic cable with a camera. He used it to record an Engineer taking apart a car.[3]
  • John-117 got his first glimpse of the Flood while watching a recording he found in PFC Jenkins' helmet.
  • Curiously, it appears that these cameras stop recording when the user is incapacitated, such as when Private Jenkins was attacked by the flood. It may be that the impact simply caused an equipment malfunction.
  • Various helmets in Halo: Reach, have an attachment for a helmet recorder, although it has no use in the campaign or multiplayer. This could be however just for aesthetic looks only.
  • Jun-A266 used his helmet recorder to transmit a recording to Kat-B320 about a Covenant Invading Army. This army was then taken out by UNSC forces later as seen in the mission Tip of The Spear.


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