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Hellomyname Keyes is an easter egg in Halo: Combat Evolved referring to an error on the nametag of Captain Keyes' uniform.


A patch on Keyes' chest reads "HELLO MY NAME," and the patch beneath it reads "KEYES." On the left of the badge the Marathon symbol can be seen.

One can view the nametag using a 2x-zoomed pistol in the level The Pillar of Autumn or a 2x/8x/10x-zoomed S2 AM sniper rifle in the Truth and Reconciliation. The patch can be seen more reliably using Halo Map Tools; it is the first decal listed in Bitmap (capn_patches_decal). It can also be seen clearly in the cutscene during which John-117 arrives on the bridge of the Pillar of Autumn.


  • The error was made by Chris Hughes, whom, during the development process, did not have any room to add an "is" on the tag.[1]
  • The Marathon symbol on the badge was replaced with the Seventh Column symbol in both Halo: Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.



  1. Chris Hughes on Halopedia ("It was my idea and I didn't have enough room on the map...")

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