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Petty Officer First Class Healy was a Hospital Corpsman of the UNSC Navy. He was attached to Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson's 1st Platoon.[2] He provided medical care to the recruits of Harvest's Colonial Militia as well as the two Staff Sergeant instructors.


During his first few interactions with Avery Johnson, the Staff Sergeant saw Healy as another undisciplined Navy squid trying to hide from the "Innies" as well as being a joker, trying to make his comrades laugh. Healy would later prove his worth during the first contact and battle with the Covenant, showing a more serious nature with situations and providing medical aid to many of the conflicts' wounded.

It is uncertain what happened to Healy after he evacuated off of Harvest or what further battles he participated in.



  • In 'Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe' it states that Petty Officer Healy was the medical officer on Harvest. This would be incorrect or perhaps worded incorrectly as a Petty Officer is an enlisted rank.


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