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Hard point

A hardpoint on a UNSC frigate.

A Hard point is a point on the outer hull of a warship where another vessel may dock and link systems. These points can be used to combine engine power, telemetry, stabilize, and link computer or AI systems.[1]


Hardpoint poa

A hard point on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.

Newer UNSC warships have these hard points on their dorsal and ventral sides, in the event the ship is too crippled to move under its own power. Another UNSC vessel could then use its own hard points to dock with the wounded ship, link systems, and carry it away (presumably to a repair platform or safe zone).

Some Covenant ships also have hard points that can be used by a ship too large to fit inside one of the docking bays, such as a Phantom.[1]




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