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Hangar C-01 is a generic UNSC term for one of the two-deck Pelican hangars below the MAC gun on an Orbital Defense Platform, such as Cairo Station.

Cairo Station Hanger C-01Edit

E3 Hangar

E3 Hangar

During the Battle of Earth, John-117 was able to take the Covenant bomb from Firing Control by wrestling it from the hands of its Sangheili and Unggoy guards, moving it to Hanger C-01, and then activating the airlock door, explosively decompressing the bay. The Spartan was miraculously able to guide his trajectory to intersect with the damaged engine of a nearby unshielded Covenant CAS-class Assault Carrier. He then drifted away towards the UNSC In Amber Clad, destroying the Assault Carrier during his descent.

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