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Hangar A-02, also known as Hanger Bay B, is a generic UNSC term for one of the two-story Pelican hangars on the port side of an Orbital Defense Platform, such as the Cairo.

During the Battle of Earth, Hangar A-02 was invaded by Covenant boarders directly. A Covenant Boarding Craft had docked and was sending forth waves of Unggoy and Sangheili. Marine defenders were overwhelmed and forced to retreat to the mouth of the bay, where several soldiers equipped with Battle rifles were under suppressive fire from two Plasma cannons manned by Heavy Grunts on the second floor of the hanger. John-117 then arrived from Hangar A-01, bolstering the Marine forces. The group was able to kill most of the Covenant boarders and force the survivors to retreat back to their landing ships.[1] Here they were able to witness the destruction of the Athens Station.


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