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This article is about the starship. For the Sangheili, see Han (The Duel).

The Han was a small, slipspace capable, diplomatic shuttle. It was equipped with cryo-chambers, suggesting a possible crew of up to 40 personnel, and the AI Toran. Though the ship was designed for passenger comfort and had showers and a rotating midsection providing gravity, this left less room for the crew. In addition, the bridge was extremely small and lacked any form of artificial gravity.

In 2517, Lieutenant, Junior Grade Jacob Keyes and Dr. Catherine Halsey used the Han to study each of the SPARTAN-II-candidate children, including John-117.[1]


  • The ship was likely named for the Chinese Han dynasty.
  • The shuttle was noted by Lieutenant Keyes as not able to stand up in any real combat action, he was worried that the shuttle would be ambushed by pirates on his first trip with Dr. Halsey to the Eridanus system.




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