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The Halowiki Logo is the sister site of Halo Nation. While Halo Nation is dedicated to the whole Halo Universe storyline, Halowiki is focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The following is taken from the site:


This site serves one purpose:

  1. shall help players at all skill levels improve and/or find even more enjoyment in their Halo 3 online experience. We're trying to create a friendly space where most people will "dare" ask for information, even if it seems obvious for others. The information shall be easily "findable" reducing the need to ask for information already here. Though it's perfectly OK to ask about stuff without first "making sure" the info isn't here already. If you can't find it we need to fix that and thus your question is helping the cause anyway.


To support our mission this site must get really well known. So well known almost every Halo 3 multiplayer will consider looking here when they want to know something in particular or in general about the game. And when people find out new things about Halo 3 they should think quickly about this site and go here to share it. We must get even the most skilled players to share their knowledge. This site has achieved a major goal when Halo 3 players think about often and when doing that get reminded about "staying excellent to each other".

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