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Official E3 2013 Halo Teaser for the Xbox One02:14

Official E3 2013 Halo Teaser for the Xbox One

The Halo Xbox One announcement trailer was a trailer shown at E3 2013. It teased a new Halo game coming to the Xbox One, which was later given the title Halo 5: Guardians.


The trailer opens in a large desert plain with a cloaked figure traveling across the sand hills.

As the figure walks, the sands in front of him begin to open up and give rise to a Guardian. The cloaked figure holds out his hand and opens it, revealing an AI data crystal chip.

The construct opens its "wings" and releases a large pulse, which knocks off the hood off of the cloaked figure, revealing him as John-117. The screen fades to black, and the text "Halo," "2014: Your Journey Begins On Xbox One," and "343 Industries" appear.


  • Axis Animation, the company who made the trailer, accidentally leaked a version of the trailer with "Halo 5" at the end instead of "Halo."[1]


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