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The Halo Wars Demo is the pre-released version of Halo Wars. It was released on February 5, 2009.


The demo contains the first two campaign levels, Alpha Base and Relic Approach. In the former, playing as Sergeant Forge, the player is tasked to help the marines to fight against the Covenant. Eventually, you will receive a convoy of Warthogs and move into the base. You then fight the remains of the Covenant and take it back.

In the latter, the player starts the level by fixing up the base, building a Barracks and Supply Pads to train Marines. The player then follows Sergeant Forge to the Relic, killing Covenant forces along the way. Reaching the Relic, the Covenant inside it must be killed and a detonator intended to destroy the relic must be taken out. A cutscene starts when you finished the level. In the cutscene, Sergeant Forge and Professor Ellen Anders with Marines escorting them venture into the Relic, only to be ambushed by Stealth Elites. The level ends with Forge requesting for backup from the Spirit of Fire.

The Campaign only features Easy, Normal and Heroic difficulties. (Legendary is not included in the demo.)

Skirmish Edit

In Skirmish mode, you can only play against an AI on Chasms. The only hero units players can choose are Captain Cutter and Prophet of Regret.

Trivia Edit

  • At the main menu it gives you tips and trivia for Halo Wars.
  • The main menu screen shows the first Halo Wars trailer in the background.
  • The demo has been downloaded over 2 million times in the week following its debut, setting a "day one record" in its initial release.[1]


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