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The Halo Novels are books about 343 pages each and have expanded heavily on the Halo Universe. The first three novels were published by Ballantine Books, while the last ten were published by Tor Books.

List of novelsEdit

This is a list of all of the novels:

There is also:

Novel BundlesEdit

  • Halo Box Set, the box set featuring the first three Halo novels.
  • Halo Boxed Set II, the box set featuring the reprint editions of the first three Halo novels.


  • In most of the novels, there is a Covenant subplot. These usually feature Grunts such as Yayap or Dadab.
  • There is the Marathon symbol between the "A" and "L" of Halo on the cover of each novel published during Bungie's time working on the franchise.

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