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Halo Nation: Timeline is an official Halo Nation page which lists out timeline of the Halo franchise. This page is simply a reference for general events. For detailed information, please refer to the Timeline template (provided on the right).

The TimelineEdit

Forerunner eraEdit

Expanding from 200,000 BCE to 40,000 BCE, the Forerunner Era covers events such as the rise of the space-faring prehistoric human civilization, Forerunner-Flood war, activation of the Halo Array, and the depopulation of the galaxy.

Rise of the Covenant eraEdit

The Rise of the Covenant Era composed of events starting from 50,000 BCE to 1500 CE. The era includes the San'Shyuum Civil War, Sangheili-San'Shyuum war, formation of the Covenant Empire, assimilation of species under the Covenant, and early human history (such as the Battle of Thermopylae).

Globalization eraEdit

The Globalization era showcases events from the 1500 CE to 2170 CE such as the pre- and early industralized human history, formations of key nations and empires, the First and Second World Wars, formation of the United Nations, the Cold War, early human space exploration, modern history (i.e. i love bees), early human space colonies, battles and skirmishes of the Interplanetary War, the formations of the Unified Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command.

Colonial and Insurrection eraEdit

The Colonial and Insurrection era includes events spanning from 2170 CE to 2525 CE. The era includes the Odyssey mission, early human colonization of the Inner colonies, UNSC operations against the Rebel/Insurrection forces in the Outer Colonies and the ORION Project (SPARTAN-I).

The Great War eraEdit

The Great War era focuses on the events from 2525 CE to 2553 CE. Such events covered under this era are the Human-Covenant war, the Great Schism, minor rebel conflicts, Flood outbreaks and Forerunner events.

Post-war eraEdit

The Post War era occurs between the Great War Era and the Reclaimer Eras.

Reclaimer eraEdit

The era of encountering the Forerunners and their impact on humanity, the rebuilding after years of Human-Covenant war and establishing friendships with former enemies.