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Halo National of the Month is an award that is given to users after being chosen by the community for outstanding contributions to the wiki. Users can be nominated by any other users, however they must have the following requirements before being eligible for nomination:

  • Nominees must have either 100 mainspace edits or is a Chat Moderator of the wiki.
  • Nominees must not have been blocked within the last six months.
  • Nominees must have made significant contributions to the wiki, such as article clean ups, image uploading, or wiki clean ups.
  • Nominees should be mature, responsible, and polite when interacting with other users.
  • Nominees will not be nominated if they have won the award within the last six months.


Anyone with 10 edits is eligible to nominate a person they believe is worthy of this prestigious award. The nomination is simple, and requires the user to add the username of the individual they are nominating to the list of nominees on a specific months voting page before adding their vote to that nomination. Users are only allowed to nominate one individual per month; when nominating a user should add a username to the list using the following template (Replacing USERNAME with the username of the nominee, and REASON with the reason for your nomination/vote, and SIGNATURE with your signature allowing the administration to track who has voted):

{{Support}} - REASON - SIGNATURE


Voting takes place on the specific month's voting page. Users must have at least 10 edits to vote, and are allowed to vote only once per month - however votes are allowed to be moved from nomination to nomination by striking out your previous vote using strike tags: <s></s>. Votes should be left under the username of the user you are voting for with the following template (Replacing REASON with the reason for your nomination/vote, and SIGNATURE with your signature allowing the administration to track who has voted.):

{{Support}} - REASON - SIGNATURE

Should the community fall in favour of a particular nominee after the voting period, then that individual will be awarded the medal. Should the vote end in a tie, both individuals will have their edit counts reviewed, and the individual with the most constructive main-space edits will be awarded the medal.


Halo Nationer of the Month Medal
Halo Nationer of the Month Title
This user was nominated as Halo Nationer of the month in April 2017!

Previous Halo National of the MonthEdit



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