HMT Sarge

HMT Representation (DXT1 texture) of A.J.Johnson's face in Halo Combat Evolved.

Halo Map Tools is a freeware software for the Windows Operating System that allows players to edit and modify Halo: Combat Evolved maps meta tags. It can only edit non-custom edition maps; basically the Campaign and Standard Multiplayer maps, and can edit maps from the Xbox too.

Meta Tags Edit

Meta tags are little shortcut names (like TinyURLs) that link to a specific weapons, vehicle, projectile, biped, actor, etc. One of the main aspects of modding Halo maps is swapping or duplicating meta tags. A few examples are:

Note about Modding Edit


The common EXCEPTION window when an Error occurs.

Some of the following mods require you to restart the level but you can't do that from within game, because when you open the game you'll get an EXCEPTION. What you need to do is delete your My Games folder in My Documents, and create new profile. That way, you'll restart the level.

A better idea is to regularly back up the map that you are modding and if you get an exception, go to the folder containing your maps then look for compatibility files and click on it, and delete the map.

As an another result, exceptions can happen if something happens that the map's programming didn't account for. Sometimes, if you forgot to swap a meta. Instead of the exception error, a Halo Error message shows up and says that the map is corrupted or missing.

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