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The Halo Championship Series (HCS) is the official Halo eSports league created and maintained by 343 Industries.[1] The league establishes a standard for tournament rules and gametype settings for use in official tournaments.[1] 343 Industries has teamed up with Electronic Sports League (ESL) to host tournaments.[1]

The official game of the HCS is Halo 2: Anniversary.[2]

Tournament RulesEdit

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The HCS operates on a points system.

Maps and GametypesEdit

The following maps and gametypes are approved for use in HCS tournaments:[3]

Gametype SettingsEdit

HCS uses the following gametype settings:[3]


  • Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: None
  • Motion sensor: Off
  • Death Cam: Off
  • Map loadouts: Off
  • Weapons on Map: Default

Team SlayerEdit

  • Time limit: 15 minutes
  • Score to win: 50

3 Flag CTFEdit

  • Score to win: 3
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Flag at home to score: No
  • Flag return: Disabled
  • Flag reset time: 15 seconds

5 Flag CTF Classic settingsEdit

  • Score to win: 5
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Flag at home to score: Yes
  • Flag return: Instant
  • Flag reset time: 15 seconds

Team Crazy KingEdit

  • Score to win: 250 seconds
  • Time limit: 12 minutes
  • Hill movement: Progressive
  • Hill duration: 1 minute

Neutral Bomb Assault (3 Bomb)Edit

  • Score to win: 3
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Bomb Arm time: 5 seconds
  • Bomb Fuse Time: 3 seconds
  • Bomb reset: 30

Neutral Bomb Assault (5 Bomb)Edit

  • Score to win: 5
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Bomb Arm time: 5 seconds
  • Bomb Fuse Time: 3 seconds
  • Bomb reset: 30


With this playlist being constructed for the competitive player, there are many tournaments being created to let teams of players battle against one another to show their dominant skill. The ESL has already launched two preseason tournaments where hundreds of teams competed against one another ranging from professional players to amateurs looking to get their foot in the door. In both outcomes of the tournaments professional team, Counter Logic Gaming, took first place. As the game continues to get more popular and the year comes to an end, more and more gaming tournaments across the country will be popping up. There will be a HCS circuit that will be played on the professional level for players who are eligible to play. Prizes can include payouts of thousands of dollars.

Early IssuesEdit

The hype for the video game Halo Master Chief Collection to launch was unparalleled to other games. Millions of people across the globe were lined up outside their local stores to buy their copy of the game at their earliest convenience but the unexpected occurred. Once this game was launched, there was an immediate notice of a detrimental issue: the servers were failing to connect players to each other. This problem was immediately vocalized by the players, bashing 343 industries for their lack of preparedness. 343 Industries worked hard and quickly to try and fix the game's errors. Releasing patches for the game weeks after it was released the game was still not up to par. Currently, 343 industries is still trying to perfect their mistakes and fix the flaws in their game.



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