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The Halo 3 Pontiac, a Pontiac G6 GXP Street Edition, is a specially made car,[1] outfitted with a Halo 3 paint job. It was part of a sweepstakes hosted by Best Buy, called the Best Buy Play & Win Sweepstakes. These sweepstakes took place from the 25th of September, 2007, through the 27th.

The interior is similar to a normal Pontiac, except that on the back of both the driver and passenger seat there are small LCD television screens.[2] These screens are attached to the in-car Xbox 360, which is mounted between the driver and passenger seats. This is the only Halo 3 Pontiac that was given out at these sweepstakes.


  • The image of John-117 shown on the Pontiac is from Halo 2, not Halo 3, as it is from the cover of the former game. This appears to be an error made when the car was being made.



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