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The Halo 3 Strategy Guide is the official strategy guide for the video game Halo 3 published by Prima Games. It was set for release on September 14, 2007, but later pushed back to September 25, the date the game was released. It contains a detailed map of each mission and multiplayer map which includes locations of the default weapons. The guide also includes a list of all the Achievements and how to unlock each one, a complete bestiary with notes on typical enemy armament, and an equipment list. The extras section has a list of nine of the 13 skulls (only the gold ones) with notes on what they do as well as recommendations on what skulls to use on what levels. It also covers how the meta-game scoring works with a breakdown of what enemy falls in what category. The primary layout features a quick walk through recommended for easy and normal difficulty levels on the left side of a page, even numbered pages, and an in depth guide for legendary.

Book DescriptionEdit

  • Features high resolution annotated maps for Campaign and Multiplayer modes, plus stunning and exclusive artwork
  • Contains essential tips, tricks and tactics from Bungie
  • A detailed Extras chapter, which exposes Halo 3's innermost secrets
  • Advanced Multiplayer strategies reveal the best sniping spots, weapon & vehicle respawn times, team game tactics, Game Type rules etc.
  • A dedicated campaign chapter offers practical advice for key battles on the lower difficulty settings, as well as a comprehensive Legendary walkthrough packed with in-depth expert guidance.
  • Includes the different ways to earn Meta-points during Campaign.


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