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A player going towards a golf ball in a HaloBall match

Haloball is a gametype Halo: Reach that was available in the Action Sack matchmaking playlist before the playlist was removed. Haloball is very similar to Skeeball. Players use the 7 wood to hit Golf Balls into the scoring areas. There are four areas, the lowest being worth 1 point, the two middle areas being worth 2 and 3 points, and the smallest area being worth 4 points. If points are scored, skulls rain like confetti.


  • Weapon: 7 Wood
  • Armor Ability: Sprint (Unlimited Use)

Compatible MapsEdit

  • HaloBall Court - One side for each team (Red and Blue), there is a grid between each team. First team with 50 points wins. The grid does not fully prevent players from killing the enemy players on the other side.
  • HaloBall Xtreme Court - The two teams now share the same court with no grid. They will spawn on opposite sides, facing each other (similar to Grifball). Each team will have to try and get the four golf balls in their goal to score. Now, players can kill each other due to the lack of the Grid. However, now the score has been reduced to 25, due to the two teams being on the same court.


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