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Cutting crew Medal

The medal called "Cutting Crew," obtained by getting 15 kills in a row with a sword without dying.

Halo: Reach has a credit system obtained by playing the game. You usually get credits by killing enemies, but you also get them by getting medals. Most common medals are worth 7 credits, but rarer ones are worth even more. Here is the list of some of these medals and what they're worth: [citation needed]

Matchmaking Medals:

  • Pummel: +6 CR
  • Beat Down: +6 CR
  • Headshot: +11 CR
  • Sniper Kill: +11 CR
  • Headcase: +15 CR
  • Stick: +4 CR
  • Kill from the Grave: +11 CR
  • First Strike: +12 CR
  • Firebird: +0 CR
  • Pull: +7 CR
  • Close Call: +7 CR
  • Reload This!: +7 CR
  • Revenge: +7 CR
  • Avenger: +7 CR
  • Protector: +7 CR
  • Killing Spree: +10 CR
  • Assist: +6 CR

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