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The official banner for Halo: Out With a Whimper.

Halo: Out With a Whimper, abbreviated H:OWaW, was an unfinished side-scrolling fan game, planned to be developed by TriBlox Game Studios.[1] The game was neither endorsed nor supported by either 343 Industries or Bungie, and the game's production was eventually canceled.


The game was to be set around the same time as the events of Halo 2 and Halo 3 on a human mining colony named Atlas as it comes under siege by the Covenant Loyalists, who were searching for something hidden beneath the planet's surface.[2] Not much else is known other than that the Flood would have made a major appearance and served a pivotal role in the game's story.[3]



The game was planned to center around a five-man special operations team of SPARTAN-III supersoldiers, better known as the Team Olympus. The following were to be the members of Team Olympus:

  • Michael-B019: Current Team Olympus leader
  • Logan-B002: Heavy weapons specialist
  • Allison-B263: Intelligence/Sniper
  • Ozscar-A318: Assault/CQC
  • Theo-A016: Tactician/Explosive Munitions


The game was to feature every weapon seen in Halo 3, in addition to some from Halo: Reach and some entirely new ones, such as the "Shredder," a Brute sniper rifle that fired explosive rounds.[4]


H:OWaW would also have featured drivable vehicles such as the Mongoose and Warthog.


The soundtrack for H:OWaW was to be produced entirely by Jonathan Churchill.[5]


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