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One One Se7en Main This article contains information of a fan-made subject and is not endorsed by any official party.

The official banner for Halo: Out With a Whimper.

Halo: Out With a Whimper, abbreviated H:OWaW, was a side-scrolling fan game planned to be developed by TriBlox Game Studios.[1] The game was neither endorsed nor supported by either 343 Industries or Bungie, and the game's production was eventually canceled.


The game was set around the events of Halo 2 and Halo 3 on the human mining colony Atlas as it comes under siege by the Covenant Loyalists, who are looking for something hidden beneath the planet's surface.[2] Not much else is known other than that the Flood will make a major appearance and would serve a pivotal role in the game's story.[3]



The game is centered around five-man special operations team of SPARTAN-III supersoldiers, better known as the Team Olympus. The following are the current members of the Team Olympus:

  • Michael B19: Current Team Olympus leader
  • Logan B002: Heavy weapons specialist
  • Allison B263: Intelligence/Sniper
  • Ozscar A318: Assault/CQC
  • Theo A016: Tactician/Explosive Munitions


The weapons in H:OWaW vary greatly. The game features every weapon seen in Halo 3, as well as some from Halo: Reach and some custom weapons, such as the "Shredder," a Brute sniper rifle that fires explosive rounds.[4]


H:OWaW also features drivable vehicles such as the Mongoose and Warthog. It is unknown if the game would have featured any custom vehicles.


The soundtrack for H:OWaW is produced entirely by Jonathan Churchill.[5]


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