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Halo Bonus DVD is an extra DVD disc found on some Halo: Original Soundtracks and contains four different options on the Main Menu.



The first option is the X02 Trailer, which is the official Halo 2 trailer when you see John-117 in his New MJOLNIR Mk.VI Powered Assault Armor. The trailer also shows the famous quote, "What If You Miss?" said by Cortana.

E3 2003Edit

The second option shows a concept version of the city of Mombasa in Kenya on Earth. It shows appearances from John-117, SgtMaj. Avery Johnson, UNSC Marine Infantryman, UNSC Marine Shock Troopers, SSgt Marcus Banks and Cortana's voice was heard in the Demo.

The bonus DVD premiers the new M12G1 Warthog LAAV, Shadows, and Type-52 "Phantom" Troop Carrier. It showed appearances from Brutes, as well as the first versions of the BR55 Service Rifle and M7/Caseless Submachine Gun.

X02 Trailer musicEdit

The third option is the X02 Trailer Music that shows an image of John-117 in the background holding a Battle Rifle about to leave the Orbital Defense Platform Cairo into space. It plays Halo, a song that can be seen on disc one of the soundtrack.

E3 2003 Trailer musicEdit

The last option is the E3 Demo Music which like the third option shows an image of John but he is dual-wielding SMG's looking up at the sky before Orbital Insertion Pods land near him. It plays The Maw, also from disk one of the soundtrack.

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