A guide to the cipher

Prior to the release of Halo 2, its official website,, was made over to appear as though it were a series of screens at the helm of a Covenant ship during the Battle of Earth. The site made use of a substitution cipher to depict the Covenant Language of triangle groups in a way easily understood by determined Halo fans. The content of the text was mostly in character, but tended to stray into humor.


Carbine on Screen

The Carbine displayed on the Covenant computer

Front PageEdit

Before the launch of the site in its Covenant theme, the front page featured a link to the Halo 2 trailer in addition to a message in the Covenant language. This message read: "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US AND WE LOVE BEES", referencing a popular Internet meme as well as the i love bees Alternate reality game, which was running at the time to promote Halo 2. After the site's launch, the front page was replaced with a video depicting the control panels of a Covenant ship loading the program that made up the site's content.


There were sections depicting various elements from the game, including Covenant characters and weapons of both the Covenant and the UNSC. In addition, the feature of dual-wielding was highlighted. The text displayed the name of the item, usually along with some element of comedy.


Initially, some sections were inaccessible. If the user attempted to access them, they would be greeted with a demand for a password. Though many Halo fans tried, none were able to come up with a password to satisfy the site. Eventually, when the game's release date neared, the sections became unlocked. These sections contained downloadable content such as wallpaper and trailers.