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Please help by introducing links to this page. Wiki Logo is a comprehensive French-based Halo website. It was mentioned in the credits of Halo 2. It is very up to date on what is currently going on in the Halo Universe and the Halo worldwide community. They stay updated based on what activity is occurring on, relying mainly on posts made by Bungie. is also on the lookout for any information of where it comes from, but the truth is proven. The "Wikihalo" of (see logo) is the largest encyclopedia Francophone world. This wiki contains over 9000 pages.


  • first revealed that the Arbiter was to be playable in Halo 2 before the game was released worldwide.
  • Phoenixlechat, a member of the team is probably the oldest French player. He was born in July 1960.
  • is also a major partner of Operation Chastity.

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