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For other uses, see Exodus (disambiguation).

Habitat Exodus was the largest asteroid in the Rubble and was a last resort evacuation for the citizens of the Rubble. Exodus measured six miles in length and two miles in diameter.[1] It was initially held far away from the other habitats and coated for stealth.[2]

As part of the Exodus Project, numerous Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engines were added to the asteroid to facilitate evacuation of the Rubble.[2] The Hollowed-out rock contained miles of corridors, stadium chambers with rows of chairs and restraints for a hundred thousand people, bays, and a bridge near the front.[1] The Exodus' purpose was to carry the one million residents of the Rubble to a location in the galaxy far away from the UNSC and the Covenant.[2]

Circumstances forced the use of the Exodus before the desired number of Slipspace Drives could be installed. Thus, rather than attempting a journey beyond UNSC and Covenant Space, the asteroid was sent toward another human-occupied system.[1] The Exodus reached the 18 Scorpii system and successfully evacuated the ex-Rubble residents to the UEG colony of Falaknuma. While in orbit around the planet, the asteroid succumbed to damages caused by unanticipated resonances from transitioning such a large body to slipspace, ultimately disintegrating to form a debris ring around Falaknuma.[3]

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