Habel was a Colonial Militia recruit who fought on Harvest during the initial contact with the Covenant. He was squad leader of Second-Charlie Squad.

He later went on a mission to defend the generator and Mack's A.I. core. While defending the generators and Mack's A.I. core, he fled into the structure containing the A.I. core as he was about to get killed by a Jiralhanae Chopper. He fled with Jepsen and Staff Sergeant Byrne. However, he and Jepsen were killed by a Jiralhanae at the doors to Mack's A.I. core center. The Brute shot Habel in the hip, shattering the bones there. He then fell to the ground where Byrne caught him and was finally killed when the Jiralhanae pumped a single round into Habels chest.