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HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System

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HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX "Mantis" Armor Defense System
Production information


Materials Group[1]

Product line



Mark IX


Armor Defense System

Technical information


2.8 metres (9 ft 2 in)


5.8 metres (19 ft)


5.7 metres (18 ft 8 in)



1 Driver



  • Anti-vehicular platform
  • Anti-infantry platform



United Nations Space Command

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The HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System, also known as the Mantis, is an armored fighting vehicle.[3] It appears in Halo 4's campaign, multiplayer, and in a few Spartan Ops missions. It was given the nickname Mantis because of its ability to ambush 18 heavily guarded T-27 AAC's during the Battle of Meridian on a legendary "Cherbourg Run."[4]


The Mantis is a powered exoskeleton armor defense system similar to the Cyclops. However, where as the Cyclops was designed only for labor and modified to function in combat, the Mantis was created specifically for combat as an evolution of an earlier model. It is equipped with several weapon and defense systems, including armor plating, energy shielding, two weapon pods on either side of the cockpit, and a stomp ability. The weapon pods typically contain a machine gun on the right pod and a five-shot rocket launcher on the left pod, but these can be replaced with other weapons.


The Mantis is heavily armed and well-protected. With full shields, it is powerful enough to withstand a single Spartan Laser shot. The machine gun can shred infantry and the missile pod can demolish vehicles. The stomping ability will destroy almost every vehicle or infantry. It can also be air-dropped by D79H-TC Pelicans.


The Mantis is slow and can be easily outmaneuvered by smaller, faster vehicles. The Mantis is also susceptible to being boarded from the rear by enemy players. Like other vehicles, it can be stunned for a few seconds using a Plasma Pistol. After a stomp attack, the vehicle is unable to move for a few seconds, but the head of the vehicle can still turn and shoot. Its shield recharges slowly.


  • The Mantis cannot be flipped over in any way whatsoever. Trying to do so in forge will simply spin the vehicle around.
  • Like most UNSC vehicles, the Mantis is named after an animal.
  • The Mantis is the second known drivable UNSC vehicle to have shields. The first is the Sabre and the third is the Broadsword.
    • The Mantis is the only shielded vehicle available in multiplayer.
  • The Mantis' shields recharge at roughly 33% the rate of a Spartan's shields.
  • It isn't affected by low-gravity zones, high-gravity zones, or fall damage. However, it is affected by man cannons and teleporters. If you launch the Mantis off of a man cannon into a gravity zone, it will be affected by the zone.
  • There are two variants of the Mantis.[5] The Campaign version uses high-caliber chain gun rounds and guided ground-to-air misslies while the Multiplayer version uses lower-caliber machine gun rounds and unguided ground-to-ground rockets.



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